Self catering

Explore the pristine beauty of Morgan Bay’s Wild Coast with our self catering accommodation, Campers Cottage, Knot Far, and Shabby Shack! Situated just moments away from the tranquil ocean, our self-catering accommodations offer the perfect retreat for your next adventure. Whether you seek a relaxing getaway, a rustic retreat, or a charming seaside escape, we have the ideal spot for you. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in the serenity of the Wild Coast. Your coastal oasis awaits!

Camper's Cottage

The unit is situated next to the bowls clubhouse, just 30 metres from the water’s edge and a 1-minute walk from the beach.

Knot Far

Situated up on the hill, just 600m walk from the beach, Knot Far 1 & 2 sleep 9 and 5 in two self catering units. Children under 6 welcome.

Shabby Shack

Welcome to the Shabby Shacks. One of the oldest untouched and un-renovated properties in Morgan Bay, well-known for its incredible views and position.